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“The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.” – The Social Network

Social Media has been amazing for communicating with one another adult live cams and essay writing service taking businesses to the next level.  The downside is that too many individuals have no idea how to handle themselves or understand that it could have an adverse impact in regards to their job.

The way I handle my trail online is to keep public accounts in association with the Girlhack persona and private accounts for my personal use.  Girlhack accounts are generally benign in opinion as they are for promoting the Girlhack brand.  Private accounts are kept locked down and xnx private and with different handles.

I make it a point to not speculate, share rumors, or talk durable bbq cover with heavy-duty weather resistant fabric any sort of trash about employers.

With that, feel free to look at all the public information I have put out there.





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